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There is a reason why your spouse should be your best friend.

People have best friends because they need that one person that will always be there for them no matter what. In reality such a person doesn’t exist. It would be great for such a person to exist, but we have accepted the ideology of creating something close in a person which we refer to as “best friend”.

After living in this world for a reasonable number of years, you realise that because someone is your perfect friend this moment does not translate in the person being there for you forever. People outgrow some friends, some just get estranged, others get weird and some¬† hardship of life gets to them. That innocent friendship once developed is quickly forgotten and the person becomes “someone you used to know”.

It is easy to struggle to say you don’t want to forget a friend, especially one that you have so much history with. But it is not completely in your hands to avoid broken relationships. You are just one factor in the relationship, your desire is not going to be the final result.

Why should your spouse be your best friend? Simple, when you marry a person, it is because you love each other and have chosen to spend the rest of your life with the person. Giving your soul and body to the person as marriage means becoming one with your spouse. So your spouse being your best friend translates to you trusting yourself. Trust the one person who has your best interest. Trusting the one person you would return home to after a long day. Trusting the one person you would procreate with. Trusting the one person you have to tolerate for the rest of your life. Trusting the one person whose success automatically translates to your success. Trusting the one person you consciously chose on earth to bond with.

Marriages are not seen to be this committed in this new generation as spouses no longer consider marriage a covenant,¬† this is a topic for another day…

Become best friends with your spouse today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!