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Me Before You – The Movie

Posted: March 14, 2017 in Romance

I finally got to watch the movie – Me Before You on Netflix. Last year when it came out, I was obsessed with the sound track “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors and it stars our very own Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, Emilia Clark..

I was all set for a full blown tear-fest with runny nose and the whole shebang that comes with romance and heartbreak. I am the typical movie crier, it was unthinkable, me not crying.

To My surprise, I did not cry! Nobody is more shocked than I. I had a tear roll at some cute sweet scenes. Totally unacceptable,  life as I know it has changed lol.

It was a beautiful movie by the way. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a good watch especially for the mushy types like me. The tracks in the movie were spot on, I loved how the main sound track was used during a crucial event in the movie. Most movies play their main sound track when the movie ends.This was more effective in my opinion. 

By the way, guys it’s a nice movie for an indoor date. Thank me later šŸ˜‰!


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