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There is a reason why your spouse should be your best friend.

People have best friends because they need that one person that will always be there for them no matter what. In reality such a person doesn’t exist. It would be great for such a person to exist, but we have accepted the ideology of creating something close in a person which we refer to as “best friend”.

After living in this world for a reasonable number of years, you realise that because someone is your perfect friend this moment does not translate in the person being there for you forever. People outgrow some friends, some just get estranged, others get weird and some  hardship of life gets to them. That innocent friendship once developed is quickly forgotten and the person becomes “someone you used to know”.

It is easy to struggle to say you don’t want to forget a friend, especially one that you have so much history with. But it is not completely in your hands to avoid broken relationships. You are just one factor in the relationship, your desire is not going to be the final result.

Why should your spouse be your best friend? Simple, when you marry a person, it is because you love each other and have chosen to spend the rest of your life with the person. Giving your soul and body to the person as marriage means becoming one with your spouse. So your spouse being your best friend translates to you trusting yourself. Trust the one person who has your best interest. Trusting the one person you would return home to after a long day. Trusting the one person you would procreate with. Trusting the one person you have to tolerate for the rest of your life. Trusting the one person whose success automatically translates to your success. Trusting the one person you consciously chose on earth to bond with.

Marriages are not seen to be this committed in this new generation as spouses no longer consider marriage a covenant,  this is a topic for another day…

Become best friends with your spouse today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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The World is truly ignorant about Africans/Blacks


BRITISH: My name is John, I am from England.

FRENCH: I am Silvestre from France.

ITALIAN: Totti, Frencesco Totti, from Italy.

Note how none of these guys said EUROPEAN.

NIGERIAN: I am Abiodun Chkwuebuka Mohammed, from AFRICA.

The birth of social media has brought about lots of positive things. Vine and Keek in particular have produced some of the most hilarious short comedy clips of all time (I fit sidon three hours dey watch Keek videos, Don Jazzy self get some very funny ones). There’s this very popular guy, Chief Obi (mehn, that guy funny die. I dey watch him videos one night, na so I burst laugh wake my flat mates. The next morning them serve me letter straight. Them no tell me before I behave myself. To find house for this place na serious gbege mehn), he’s got some of the best short comedy clips, very talented young…

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We are gradually entering that time of the year when we start saying goodbye to the dark, gloomy, cold winter season by gradually breaking away from our ugg boots, thick woolly jackets and scarves. The metamorphosis into spring and out of summer are the two trickiest fashion times of the year, especially for those who are excited to experiment with new looks. Stores on the high-street have already kicked off with their spring season by displaying their 2014 spring collections which can be exhausting to keep up with. A good way to ensure you do not spend unreasonably is to engage in the “winter-summer combo” style. This will enable you to repeat winter outfits while preparing for summer as well.

The keys are to layer and to mix winter clothes with summer clothes. The other key is to not repeat any winter ensembles without finding ways to brighten up your winter outfits with a splash of colour. Think brightly coloured scarves over a black dress or a lightweight, colourful thick blouse under a leather jacket. That way you can add some visual interest without sacrificing the warmth. If you wear a suit or dress from the winter, wear summery shoes. If you wear a light top or dress you should leave the sandals in the closet, and instead wear your dark heavy shoes. Most of all, it is time to abolish the dark winter makeup and nail polish, accessories are the easiest and most subtle way to transition into a new season.

 Solid colours such as grey, black, navy and red work great for transitioning into the spring, also adding camel and brown colours to mix up with this season’s African inspired prints, bold print and metallic trends. On occasion, put on those favourite black heavy boots and pair them with a long floral skirt, top and light coloured jacket, otherwise, they will be at the back of the closet until September. Black tights with shorts, skirts or dresses is the perfect solution for when you are tired of wearing trousers, but it is still too chilly for bare legs. Because of the versatility, the abovementioned leather jacket is a go-to piece for transitioning between the seasons, it looks great over a turtleneck; the leather jacket gets an “A” for style and functionality. Toss on a t-shirt and either your winter pullover or coloured top and you have the favourite casual springtime look.

Layer, layer, layer!!! It makes a lot of sense, especially during this time of year. But the trick is to be funky, not frumpy. If you have a really cute red blazer and a slightly oversized sweater you can pair the two to create a really good look if you get the proportions right. So if you’re wearing a big sweater, make sure the jeans are a little form fitting so you don’t look like your clothes are wearing you.

Don’t try too hard to mix and match the two seasons. If the day is cold and you aren’t sure what to wear, layer your clothes with a slight eye towards a pop of colour, like a necklace or some great shoes. Also, if you find your own closet lacking, wear your winter outfit with the easy option of taking something off if the need arises. And for fashion’s sake, remember that summer will be here soon enough — absolutely no wearing flip flops with winter gloves, or your heaviest winter coat with a straw hat. Of course you wouldn’t do that anyway. Would you?

This is one of those things that you probably thought happened only in movies. Think no further, it is real.

Some people might consider it “inappropriate” but what they don’t know is the couple getting on with it probably have no idea they can be heard.

Now handling it would require turning it into a joke by making assumptions about what is happening. If you are too stuck-up just play music to distract you, roll over and sleep. If you cannot sleep with music, put on safe sleeping ear buds and doze off.

I personally found it amusing; hearing the moaning and bed creeks, was the highlight of my day. I think I have a whole new respect for my neighbours ;-).

I know your first response will be for me to be applying for jobs and sign up to recruitment agencies. Way ahead of you there!

My degrees are quite remarkable and even I, am shocked It has been so difficult getting employed for so long. I am no space engineer or doctor but I do have a degree in Information Technology and Corporate Communications. I love to work, I have always worked 200% in the past. But now I think something in me has broken. I must give a negative vibe to employers now because I have not been hired for so long.

I know what I am good at and basically it would involve Communications and Project Management. Anyway, now I am lost and quite honestly upset and frustrated. At this point I would accept a PA or admin role if it’s handed to me. The world is so difficult in everything, that is why people have gone more selfish and inconsiderate because they believe they will survive only by this.


Everyone wants to be a musician, actor, model, reality TV star or sports person. I would be a hypocrite if I said the reason we all go to school is not just to make money and live a comfortable life. But now there are career paths that do not necessarily require school, so is school still a necessity?

Maybe I am programmed to believe school is still a necessity despite the fact I am a living witness of having 2 degrees but being unemployed for 2 years. The question remains, what is the point of school? Did I mention that employers are also just looking for people with experience for entry positions?  As a fresh graduate, how would you have industry experience when you were too busy with courseworks and probably a part-time shop position to pay your way through school. This means the only other way to come out with some experience as a graduate is to have undertaken unpaid internships during your studies. But you needed to make some money to survive school and did I mention to get considered for internships you also need experience?

Back to my question, what is the point of school?

As a growing teenager, you are programmed to believe adults are against your happiness and progress. That is a really tough time for any young youth. Somehow you strongly believe you really know what this world has to offer and how to navigate through life.

Sadly, those are all utmost lies from all the puberty changes occuring within and around you. I have always been refered to as an “old soul”. I think that means someone who is ahead emotionally from their peers. Sometimes I did believe it, because of the way i thought and saw life generally. But I came to realise I was also deceiivng myself like every othe confused youth.

Back to my conclusion on how and why first relationships suck; because it is so unreal and filled with just feelings and physical attractions which is the most exciting part of being in a relationship. Why it sucks is because the most little things split people up. No kidding, the most little things. Its during your first relationship that today you say I love you to someone and tomorrow you say I hate you and break up. What a ridiculous turn around.

It is within your first relationship that things hurt the most because you completely trusted the person and your heart and soul are not developed enough to understand the disappointment the world births. The fact that you can go such a mile for the other person makes it even more hurtful when it all comes crashing down. As a “youngling” its difficult to comprehend giving your all and being ok in not getting equally that much in return.

First sexual acts are also the worst in general. Alot more exciting for the guy and he gets even more curious about it. But the females are left disappointed because they are too young to even comprehend why it is overrated as “fun”. Then the females end up doing it continually anyway because the guy, their “first love” wants to and they get insecure that if they don’t he’ll find someone else. Thats the down side for a girl. The down side for the guy is when another guy catches the attention of his girl and she gets attracted to him and is looking for something “different”. Then she goes along and gets intimate with him leaving her  boyfriend broken because he had hopes of them being together forever.

Basically, first relationships brings you to the realisation that everyone has the potential of hurting and disappointing you. So what makes you survive it is the ability to forgive and move-on which is definitely tough to comprehend at such a young age. To most teenagers life is either black or white.