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I have not blogged in quite some time. Not because I lacked what to blog about but because, I was going through “self discovery”. How cliche of me you might say, but thats the truth.

Incase you are wondering if I found whatever it is I was looking for, sorry to disappoint you, but I did. Or if I didn’t I am not yet quite aware of it. But not to worry much about things I have little or no control over, lets jump right to it.

Alot of TV shows are on break or are at the finale. Its sad that audiences are going more and more impatient these days. We want to know how it’ll end, did the guy get the girl? Was the liar and deceit exposed eventually? Was the murder killed or arrested? Who is the person causing the issues?

Those are just a few things we ponder on when watching a movie or TV show.

Lets jump right into some shows and see what happened.