Loosing Ones Self VS Growing Up

Posted: March 9, 2017 in Inspiration

I have realised that it is very easy to equate growing up to “loosing yourself”. Don’t get me wrong sometimes you are actually loosing yourself in the name of growing up. 

So how are we going to know which category we actually belong, since it’s easy to substitute the two in our lives? I believe it’s fair to say I have had the opportunity of experiencing both and also substituting them.

Growing up entails understanding your situation and learning to manage that situation as best you can, yet taking the initiative to give yourself a break and do things that makes you happy or of interest to you. Another point to remember about growing up, it’s alright to enjoy being a couch potato most of the time even if you were a party starter in the past. People panick when they realise they aren’t as “fun” or “adventurous” as they used to be. What we all seem to forget in such a situation is, there isn’t one way to have “fun”. Dont fight your growth but allow yourself discover what you now consider fun and adventurous. 

Loosing yourself is when you are no longer having fun with what you are doing. Let me give an example; I have always been a workaholic. That’s the term given to me by other People, I prefer referring to myself as a corporate enthusiast 🤣. I like to work, I like objectives and achieving business goals. I like control and I like to be able to help people. I lost myself when I got comfortable receiving and never contributing. I wasn’t working because for some reason I just wasn’t getting hired despite my knowledge and experiences. So I settled and was enjoying being taken care of to my last penny. After I had my child I convinced myself I was growing up so I had to become this unrecognizable person to be a good mother and whatever other excuses I made for slacking. 

The moment I realised how unrecognizable I was, I took a stand and i have been working on growing up like I am supposed to; wife, mother, corporate guru, friend, daughter, sister….embrasing all I am. No-one says it’s easy but no more excuses!


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