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The World is truly ignorant about Africans/Blacks


BRITISH: My name is John, I am from England.

FRENCH: I am Silvestre from France.

ITALIAN: Totti, Frencesco Totti, from Italy.

Note how none of these guys said EUROPEAN.

NIGERIAN: I am Abiodun Chkwuebuka Mohammed, from AFRICA.

The birth of social media has brought about lots of positive things. Vine and Keek in particular have produced some of the most hilarious short comedy clips of all time (I fit sidon three hours dey watch Keek videos, Don Jazzy self get some very funny ones). There’s this very popular guy, Chief Obi (mehn, that guy funny die. I dey watch him videos one night, na so I burst laugh wake my flat mates. The next morning them serve me letter straight. Them no tell me before I behave myself. To find house for this place na serious gbege mehn), he’s got some of the best short comedy clips, very talented young…

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