I Need A Job, What Can I Do?

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I know your first response will be for me to be applying for jobs and sign up to recruitment agencies. Way ahead of you there!

My degrees are quite remarkable and even I, am shocked It has been so difficult getting employed for so long. I am no space engineer or doctor but I do have a degree in Information Technology and Corporate Communications. I love to work, I have always worked 200% in the past. But now I think something in me has broken. I must give a negative vibe to employers now because I have not been hired for so long.

I know what I am good at and basically it would involve Communications and Project Management. Anyway, now I am lost and quite honestly upset and frustrated. At this point I would accept a PA or admin role if it’s handed to me. The world is so difficult in everything, that is why people have gone more selfish and inconsiderate because they believe they will survive only by this.



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