First Relationships Always Suck

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As a growing teenager, you are programmed to believe adults are against your happiness and progress. That is a really tough time for any young youth. Somehow you strongly believe you really know what this world has to offer and how to navigate through life.

Sadly, those are all utmost lies from all the puberty changes occuring within and around you. I have always been refered to as an “old soul”. I think that means someone who is ahead emotionally from their peers. Sometimes I did believe it, because of the way i thought and saw life generally. But I came to realise I was also deceiivng myself like every othe confused youth.

Back to my conclusion on how and why first relationships suck; because it is so unreal and filled with just feelings and physical attractions which is the most exciting part of being in a relationship. Why it sucks is because the most little things split people up. No kidding, the most little things. Its during your first relationship that today you say I love you to someone and tomorrow you say I hate you and break up. What a ridiculous turn around.

It is within your first relationship that things hurt the most because you completely trusted the person and your heart and soul are not developed enough to understand the disappointment the world births. The fact that you can go such a mile for the other person makes it even more hurtful when it all comes crashing down. As a “youngling” its difficult to comprehend giving your all and being ok in not getting equally that much in return.

First sexual acts are also the worst in general. Alot more exciting for the guy and he gets even more curious about it. But the females are left disappointed because they are too young to even comprehend why it is overrated as “fun”. Then the females end up doing it continually anyway because the guy, their “first love” wants to and they get insecure that if they don’t he’ll find someone else. Thats the down side for a girl. The down side for the guy is when another guy catches the attention of his girl and she gets attracted to him and is looking for something “different”. Then she goes along and gets intimate with him leaving her  boyfriend broken because he had hopes of them being together forever.

Basically, first relationships brings you to the realisation that everyone has the potential of hurting and disappointing you. So what makes you survive it is the ability to forgive and move-on which is definitely tough to comprehend at such a young age. To most teenagers life is either black or white.


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