[SPOILER ALERT] Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9…..Now thats what the audience needs!

Posted: June 4, 2013 in TV Shows
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Red Wedding: Game of Thrones fans were left shocked by scene in penultimate episode of series

Ever since the first day I watched Game of Thrones, I fell deeply into the series. Someone has mentioned that everyone who watches the tv show should be ashamed because its nothing but murder porn :-D. That’s not too far from the truth, as there is a lot of nudity, bad language and spilling of blood. Things have happened over the course of the series, starting from the shocking death of Ned Stark. The third season started off quite slow but what happened in episode 9 changed everything. I had my views that it could happen but not the way it did. It was like everything was just taken away from winterfell.The show left me sickened and upset because of the bloodshed. But the newly discovered mind control by Bran Stark kept me hopeful and strong.After that episode, the soundtrack wasn’t played while the names were displayed. I believe the producers also felt the shock, even if they knew what was coming.Arya Stark’s fears came true, the fact she was so close to reuniting with her family yet the possibility of something going wrong frightened her. Those fears were rightly in place as she wasn’t successful, even if I’m sure she would rather have been a part of the terror rained on her household.John Snow, I’m glad he held onto his morals and did not kill the old man. I really wonder why the wildlings had to kill him. They should have just tied him up rather than killing an old man in cold blood. The sad part was when Ygritte looked devastated as John Snow rode off without her. Was she really hoping they would start a life together? Joker! :-DAs for Daenerys Targaryen she better be careful of the love triangle developing around her.

English: Logo from the television program Game...

English: Logo from the television program Game of Thrones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Viewers are obviously sitting at the edge of the seats for what might be coming during the last episode for season three, which is the next episode.


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