Working From Home, Great OR Not

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A lot of people might be on the proposition that working from home is great.

I am on the opposition of that ideology.

Yes. it is great to have the opportunity to choose to work from home, but deciding to take up a career or job that requires your fulltime to be at home is a complete NO-NO.

One of the skills that is required to be a professional in whatever career path you decide to follow is the ability to relate with someone else. This other person can be a fellow professional in your field or a potential client or customer for whatever value your profession has to offer to the society.

Apart from the interpersonal skill development aspect of things, it is just plain boring and you have to learn from people.
You also have to leave your house unless you will drive yourself completely crazy. I believe that is why workshops and conferences are set up, to give people the opportunity and a reason to change environment and company.

Working from home is NOT GREAT, the option to do so temporarily on the other hand is awesome. Especially during the winter or if you have children.

So if you are working from home fulltime, have social outings, attend conferences, workshops, exhibitions and party a lot. 😉



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