EPIC THE MOVIE – Animation

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Movies 2013
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I love watching animations, it’s a very great way to relax. Well unless you are watching any of Seth MacFarlane’s work, those definitely are not completely relaxing because you find yourself getting upset or violated a times.

Epic the movie was really great. I know you are expecting a “BUT”, as I never disappoint there is one. But why did Beyoncé play Queen Tara. Her voice was so distracting. It was just so “Beyoncé” in my ears and I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Just when I thought I was done hearing her, she sang the sound track. I was out of the cinema as fast as I could.

Funny thing is, I’m a Beyoncé fan! A real big one.

So, what were your best scenes or worst scenes?

I still do not understand why animations still make the “bad guys” look so terrible. They are also never coloured. The leave men were beautifully greened while the grey looking bad dudes just looked terrific. I know it’s for kids and we want our kids to know bad looks horrible but the truth is, these days bad looks even more attractive and innocent. Check out perverts or psycho murders, they look nothing like their attitudes most of the time. Which makes the kids believe pretty or gentle os always good and rough and ugly is always bad.

That said, it was a lovely movie. Check out its site on http://www.epicthemovie.com/



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