What Makes A Couple “Click”

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We’ve heard opposite attracts, similar interests attracts, we’ve also heard when there’s a spark; what is the “spark” or what is “chemistry”?

What do you actually think makes a good couple. By good couple I do not mean there wouldn’t be arguments or disagreements because that is just mission impossible. People will always have different opinions and reactions concerning pleasures and issues of life. So if you need no issues at all, just decide to be alone forever.

Over the years I’ve experienced as well as been the observer of relationships to come to the conclusion that there isn’t a particular formula for achieving a good relationship.

Some things are constant though, and that is both parties having a common interest on where the relationship is heading to and why they are in it, which is mostly long-term to marriage or just a “fling” which never ends well anyway because one person ends up wanting more. Therefore long-term to marriage is the given.

The second thing is love. I’m not referring to the tingly feeling in the stomach or the excitement you feel when your partner is around or when you think of the person. All that isn’t love. Love isn’t about you as the individual. It’s completely about the other person. Your partners’ happiness, comfort and what is good for the person. Love isn’t selfish. Once you do or say something is relation to how it’ll affect you, you’ve lost the battle of having a good relationship.


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