Joan Rivers = Rude or Funny

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I watch Fashion Police on E! probably because I love fashion or I’m in front of the TV when the show pops up. I am not a fan of the negative comments thrown at the celebrities though because some comments are quite “below the belt”.

I am in support of celebrities being called to order when their fashion appears below standard or sometimes completely wrong. It’s quite tricky or difficult to pull off new trends or a unique fashion style, but as a celebrity, it’s expected to be exciting and different yet classy and decent.

Joan Rivers can be funny that’s for sure, part of her profession is being a comedian so its expected. But her humour seems to be centred on a display of disrespect by not complying with the social “laws” or etiquette which is referred to as rudeness. I cannot comfortably laugh at a “joke” when it’s putting down another individual. If the basis of someone’s jokes makes people uncomfortable, I would not refer to that as a talented comedian. People should laugh because it’s really funny not because its awkward and they are trying to shadow the rudeness.

Guiliana Rancic rarely laughs at Joan’s jokes. She mostly just smiles and shakes her head. Kelly Osbourne seem to laugh really hard which mostly looks forced and appears to be a way to cope with the awkward “jokes”.

That said, Fashion Police doesn’t get it wrong with who needs to be praised or fined. It’s a great show for Fashion lovers like me and fashion critics like me. 🙂

I will like more perceptions about Joan River’s “Jokes”.


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