After 6 Years, Flying NACK Style

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Fashion
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To the Early Beginners who took my very first 24 pieces of T-Shirts, didn’t pay for them but rocked them with pride and spread the word about NACK to everybody in Covenant University… I thank you.

For family who bought an item of NACK for 2k and rocked it like it was 10k and told everyone they knew about the brand… I thank you.

For my pals that paid 1500 instead of 2k and told everyone they got it for 3k and rocked it like they bought it for 10k… Na gode.

To my hommies, who never bought NACK but told everyone who cared to know that they were co-owners of NACK and sold more NACK T-shirts that I can count… I am very grateful.

To my blood, who spent all the money they had to buy every NACK Kullection; so much so that they may have more NACK than me… I celebrate you!

To all the Covenant University peeps (not some, ALL) who may not have a piece from NACK bur have made referrals… I thank you!

To the total stranger that never knew me but NACKs for the Love of NACK… you are a catalyst to my hope because I know you own all the biggest and finest fashion brands in the world but you still choose to NACK… Ose ga’an.

To the man who saw an early Kullection in 2007 and bought 2 pieces for himself, his wife, his five kids, niece, househelp and almost for his dogs… and paid 30% more just to show support… I will always love you sir (Engr Akinpeloye)

And to you… that have been with me from the very start! You bought a NACK because you could identify the culture, you could see the movement and you were willing to be a part of it. Because to you, the price wasn’t the issue… the love of NACK was… I love You.

I only have words and even if I spoke a million of them, they wouldn’t be enough to express my appreciation. So come celebrate with us as we continue our journey to perfection.



  1. MasonBentley says:

    like this? I love this!’s to another 6 years, growing ever stronger x

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