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I watch Fashion Police on E! probably because I love fashion or I’m in front of the TV when the show pops up. I am not a fan of the negative comments thrown at the celebrities though because some comments are quite “below the belt”.

I am in support of celebrities being called to order when their fashion appears below standard or sometimes completely wrong. It’s quite tricky or difficult to pull off new trends or a unique fashion style, but as a celebrity, it’s expected to be exciting and different yet classy and decent.

Joan Rivers can be funny that’s for sure, part of her profession is being a comedian so its expected. But her humour seems to be centred on a display of disrespect by not complying with the social “laws” or etiquette which is referred to as rudeness. I cannot comfortably laugh at a “joke” when it’s putting down another individual. If the basis of someone’s jokes makes people uncomfortable, I would not refer to that as a talented comedian. People should laugh because it’s really funny not because its awkward and they are trying to shadow the rudeness.

Guiliana Rancic rarely laughs at Joan’s jokes. She mostly just smiles and shakes her head. Kelly Osbourne seem to laugh really hard which mostly looks forced and appears to be a way to cope with the awkward “jokes”.

That said, Fashion Police doesn’t get it wrong with who needs to be praised or fined. It’s a great show for Fashion lovers like me and fashion critics like me. 🙂

I will like more perceptions about Joan River’s “Jokes”.


We’ve heard opposite attracts, similar interests attracts, we’ve also heard when there’s a spark; what is the “spark” or what is “chemistry”?

What do you actually think makes a good couple. By good couple I do not mean there wouldn’t be arguments or disagreements because that is just mission impossible. People will always have different opinions and reactions concerning pleasures and issues of life. So if you need no issues at all, just decide to be alone forever.

Over the years I’ve experienced as well as been the observer of relationships to come to the conclusion that there isn’t a particular formula for achieving a good relationship.

Some things are constant though, and that is both parties having a common interest on where the relationship is heading to and why they are in it, which is mostly long-term to marriage or just a “fling” which never ends well anyway because one person ends up wanting more. Therefore long-term to marriage is the given.

The second thing is love. I’m not referring to the tingly feeling in the stomach or the excitement you feel when your partner is around or when you think of the person. All that isn’t love. Love isn’t about you as the individual. It’s completely about the other person. Your partners’ happiness, comfort and what is good for the person. Love isn’t selfish. Once you do or say something is relation to how it’ll affect you, you’ve lost the battle of having a good relationship.

Mothers Day Buzzzzzz!

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Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

Make the women in your life feel special this mothers day. Sunday 10th March 2013



To the Early Beginners who took my very first 24 pieces of T-Shirts, didn’t pay for them but rocked them with pride and spread the word about NACK to everybody in Covenant University… I thank you.

For family who bought an item of NACK for 2k and rocked it like it was 10k and told everyone they knew about the brand… I thank you.

For my pals that paid 1500 instead of 2k and told everyone they got it for 3k and rocked it like they bought it for 10k… Na gode.

To my hommies, who never bought NACK but told everyone who cared to know that they were co-owners of NACK and sold more NACK T-shirts that I can count… I am very grateful.

To my blood, who spent all the money they had to buy every NACK Kullection; so much so that they may have more NACK than me… I celebrate you!

To all the Covenant University peeps (not some, ALL) who may not have a piece from NACK bur have made referrals… I thank you!

To the total stranger that never knew me but NACKs for the Love of NACK… you are a catalyst to my hope because I know you own all the biggest and finest fashion brands in the world but you still choose to NACK… Ose ga’an.

To the man who saw an early Kullection in 2007 and bought 2 pieces for himself, his wife, his five kids, niece, househelp and almost for his dogs… and paid 30% more just to show support… I will always love you sir (Engr Akinpeloye)

And to you… that have been with me from the very start! You bought a NACK because you could identify the culture, you could see the movement and you were willing to be a part of it. Because to you, the price wasn’t the issue… the love of NACK was… I love You.

I only have words and even if I spoke a million of them, they wouldn’t be enough to express my appreciation. So come celebrate with us as we continue our journey to perfection.



We Didn’t Start The Fire


in pursuit of perfection … NACK since her birth has constantly thought to give you 3 things *STYLE *FREEDOM *CONFIDENCE

but we did not get this far on our own … YOU played a leading role and we want to say a very Big THANK YOU.

by 2pm on the 17th of march 2013 we plan to Lock EmberCreek on Awolowo Road ikoyi down a we all come together to celebrate NACK in her 6th year…

we Picture You NACKing