Since There Are Days to Mark Things, Why Are Some Events Not Recognised

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Lyrics and Words
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Soon there will be no more normal days in the year.

New year’s day, Martin Luther King’s Day, Groundhog Day, even Lincoln’s Birthday is a Day. Wonder why it isn’t just called Lincoln’s Day, it’s a little out-of-place informing us of a great man’s birthday. Just give him a day instead.

Then we have the famous and crazy valentine’s Day. This day never seizes to amuse me, with the level of intensity it brings.

There is President’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter Day which I can understand the necessity for just like Christmas Day.

The hilarious one is Tax Day. No one likes to pay taxes in the truthful sense because we all have our list of personal expenses we’d rather spend the money on. Yet, there is a day to celebrate tax.

Mother’s Day is already getting the buzz around. Mother’s do deserve a day, it sure is not an easy task carrying another human being in your body or pushing one or more out of the body. Then the hectic part of raising them non-stop for 18 years. The day is a necessity!

Memorial Day is also a good one, as it commemorates heroes past and troubled times gone.

Flag Day? Really? What about the flag that it has a day?

Father’s Day is a good day I suppose as father’s play a tough role in the society as well in raising kids and all.

Independence Day is marked by countries that other countries thought could ride on or that they were better than. I really do not know why people would leave the borders of their country to rule another country. Then now same people who started the movement are complaining about immigrants. At least immigrants are contributing to the workforce and economy of the countries they are in compared to what the immigrants were subjected to when they were visited at their homes back in the days.

It is still strange to me why American’s have their Thanksgiving Day in November. But this is a topic for another day.

Other days are Labour Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day, Christmas Eve.

The Eve to a day is a day. This is quite interesting, regarding to Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve.

This year there was actually reference to Valentine’s Eve.

Someone made a comment about why there is no Jewish Day or Black History Day as those are occasions worth remembering too as both parties were subjected to one of the toughest times man-kind has ever known.

Stay tuned, more days are yet to come 😉


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