MY PAIN,MY STUPIDITY,MY CURSE by Hsu Shyanghuang Harley

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Lyrics and Words
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Ink to my heart
As I pour out emotions

I am in pain .
An eternal pain

Getting deeply sunk emotionally with u,wasnt misconcepted
But a gracefully path
Kept you for a while and saw you drift away like sand on beach as the waves hit

Your happiness and smile
This I yarn for
And at the site Of it now
It pains
like a needle pricking my heart
As I see another at thy side
And not I.
Is it possible to love someone so much
I see her face everywhere and even in my dreams she hunts me
With her smile, small nose,and tiny tinny lips and those lovely eyes with contacts and with out.

She sparks up the room with her presence like water to dying plants
And religion to man.
Slowly I fell in love
And that fast I saw u go
and still
I remember u
As I see a part of u in people
and when I do
I see u here and this emptiness
Of essence
In This life I lost you
in another I will forever hold you.

The french call it amour
The british love
The italians amore
The german lieben
The spanish amor
The nigerians ife
The chinese ai
And some call it lust
But I call it life
As love is life
And life is love

I love you I still do
With every passing day
And night I miss u even more.
This is my crime and my sin
To love endlessly
Even in death
My love. my heat.
You still hold a peace of my heart
My love.

So I am writing again
Am I stupid to feel this way
Am I to leave this pain
Called love.

Ink to paper
It flows but stop
I am writing again
Stop me.
I am writing again


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