How Do You Know Your Partner Cares?

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Romance
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I’ve been having quite a number of things going wrong in my life. My partner has been getting part of the heat because the relationship seems to be secondary for me.

After every bad outcome I take drastic measures and want to be on my own. Part of my bad outcome includes not being able to support myself thus, moving in with my partner.

This recent strike got me really broken and I decided to do some arranging and packed up some of my things before falling asleep. My partner panicked the next morning, asking why and where most of my things were? I mumbled things since I was still asleep.

It was barely 10am when my partner returned from work which was a shock obviously. I asked what happened; apparently the early return was to make sure i wasn’t planning on moving out and leaving a note.



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