Coping with Disappointment

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Lets say you have been unemployed for a while and was just rejected from a job interview or you failed your drivers test for the 3rd time, how do you deal with such disappointments?

I have personally developed thick skin from the number of disappointments i’ve experienced over the last year and half.

As thick as my skin has gotten, it doesn’t stop me from crying or being completely devastated. Common, I’m only human. But how I deal with it and go on from there is what really counts.

I do not believe I was born to fail so no matter how hard life puts me down I’m still in the race of success and happiness.

So, I reminisce on past successes to remind me it’s not always been all bad. I find a way to keep busy or learn something new, like joining a dance class, taking art lessons, learning a new language online or buying a cd. I also consider learning to play a musical instrument and possibly join a class. If you have a talent or hobby volunteer to teach someone or people.

Get yourself busy because once you stop trying you have lost everything.


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