The Pre-Valentine Surprise

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I personally like to surprise my loved ones whenever I can and not patiently wait till Valentine’s day to do so. So bear with me for my lack of enthusiasm towards  the day. I am presently working on what to get my boyfriend.

First I had to access what he really desired and match it with what I can afford. I settled for a wrist watch and fragrance as his wrist has been bare for about a year and his present fragrance is hitting bottom of the bottle. I got him his last fragrance so i’m not making it a habit to be his fragrance provider, so wrist watch it is.Kenneth Cole Surprise and pocket drilling. lol

I would have easily gone for a cheaper amazing wrist watch, but i really liked the Kenneth Cole and getting a designer watch was the coolest part. There are cheaper lovely designer wrist watches so make sure you buy according to your budget.

My next post shows you how to be naughty *wink*


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