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A piece of paper got a girl in big trouble with her South Philadelphia elementary school.

via Piece Of Paper Gets Girl In Trouble.

So a little girl can not carry a paper gun that is not even on the list of issues in the world, but the real weapon is ok to “protect one self”. So who is protecting the little girl now from such a pointless controversy?

Should toy stores also stop producing water guns and bubble guns?


Cheeky Way To Get The Gift You Want

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Romance
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I planned to present this Kenneth Cole watch to my partner during a special dinner we had made reservations for in two weeks, since I’d been away for a little while.Mens Kenneth Cole Chronograph

I ended up purchasing a Chronograph Eco Drive Citizens watch which was a little bit above my budget  Mens Citizen Sport Chronograph Eco-Drive Watch CA0331-05A

How did that happen?

I excitedly mentioned having a surprise and the citizens watch was mentioned as a guess. lol

Luckily I had not yet made my initial purchase, so while I was about to, I found myself looking for an eco drive citizens watch instead.

That is how it happened. lol!

What is the difference between these two “items” just size but they both cause the exact same effect which is severe hurt and even death. In the UK even the law enforcers do not carry guns. I cannot comprehend why in the US, gun possession is almost like an accessory to your clothing.

You say you need a gun to protect yourself. Newsflash, thats probably the weapon that will be used to kill you eventually. If no one carries guns around maybe, just maybe there’ll be a fair ground to defend yourself or even get defended. No one would come help you if someone points a gun at you that’s for sure.

Everything is Now Studded

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Fashion
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Have you noticed how everything is now studded. Shoes, jackets, skirts, hats, belts…..BRAS?. Hey be careful not to buy too many because once its out of fashion you’d look like someone who wrongly showed up on the streets for Halloween.

<em>Studded</em> Cut Out Bodycon DressWoman <em>Stud</em> Accent Shirr Elastic Waist Split Skirt Shorts Black MWomen's be-beau Be Beau <em>Studded</em> Biker Jacket nude<em>Studded</em> Bralet

A male friend of mine said he’s glad to be a boy because  guys are ‘mostly’ challenged by their peers for foolish behaviour BUT girls get support for whatever they do, be it good or bad, smart or stupid. Many other guys concurred and supported this point saying “girls thrive in their stupity or ‘bitchyness’ “.

I am female and won’t disagree completely with some of the perceptions guys have about girls because they speak from one or two actions they’ve experienced or watched on tv. But the fact that there are all these words abt females misbehaving and almost no words to describe the guy who began this whole mess gets me so upset. The only word used on a stupid guy is ‘jerk’. Seriously?

When a girl gets pregnant have u forgotten who is blamed? The freaking girl, like she jumped on herself and implanted the sperm. Even if she was raped. It’ll be why was she there. No one looks at the guy.

This whole girl boy drama is the circle of life. Whether we want to accept it or believe it, no girl was born bitchy. Too many excuses for what went wrong. Because I have chosen to be sane doesn’t mean every female can handle things same way.

Because of the world being so biased about girls, thus the ‘rebellion’. Why should a guy be allowed to cheat, hit, be a jerk and is called a guy. A girl does half that and she’s bitch, slut, whore i can go on with names…

Guys are selfish naturally…when it suits them then they agree. When a guy has a ‘churchly girl’ in his early 20’s or teens he’d dump her and say ‘she’s boring’. Go out and look for a more out-going girl probably one older with more issues as she’s been heart-broken enough times and just doesn’t care anymore. At that stage she’s ‘awesome’.

When he’s ready to ‘settle down’ he dumps her to find the ‘churchy-girl’ to beg and say he was young n stupid bla bla….Hopefully she’s still in the right frame of mind. Emotions play a large part of girls. Lets say she’s still ‘ok’.

He marries ‘church-girl’ then has an affair 5 yrs down the line with ‘party-girl’ ex who might not know he’s married or he claimed to get a divorce saying he should have married party-girl cos she’s still ‘hot’ and he has fun with her and they are open to each other bla bla…. but when he was dumping ‘party-girl’ earlier reason was she’s a slut bitch and every other word.

This goes on long enough across generations…bitches would start being born not formed from experiences!

Allow the phone to ring at least twice before you pick it. Do not make it so obvious that you were sitting down with your phone in your hand waiting like a desperate puppy.

When I have a phone interview, I normally dress up and sit up to make sure that my voice sounds as professional as possible. You might think because it’s a phone interview the person on the other side cannot see you. Sorry to burst your bubble, the interviewer can identify if you are “lounging” or just waking up from sleep.



Branding in communications is much easier said than done. Especially in this new media age were you either have to be the loudest or fastest in which both attributes requires a lot of resources monetary or non monetary.

I am trying to solve the branding issue for an art company I am presently consulting in their corporate communications area.

Branding Artwyn & Craft requires the company to have a twitter friendly headline as its key message and have at least 3 key benefits of their products and services